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My Work

I'm excited to partner with you to deliver high quality writing that meets your unique goals and needs. I will customize content to be relevant and useful for your ideal audience. 

My clients count on me for quality content delivered on time, every time. You can too.


Professional editing at different levels - line editing and copyediting especially. Also perform proofreading.

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I'm happy to provide a sample edit of your material.

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Journal and Magazine Editing

Editor in Chief of The Shallot: Journal of Mental Health, Art, and Literature.

My role: Responsible for project timelines, theme, ultimate content, production design, reviewer standards, submission standards, publishing timeline, printer communication, marketing, and more.

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Ask to see a digital copy!


Wrote blogs on various topics related to financial, health, pets, and travel topics.

My role: Research and SEO copywriting


  - Getting Started with Finances: Financial Blog

  - Mental Health Awareness Week: Mental Health Blog

  - On Being a Freelancer Starting Out: Long Form Blog

  - Additional Articles for sale on Marker

      - Including "Neurodivergence - What is it?"

Chess Game

Medical Writing and Strategy Handbooks

Developed strategy and wrote a clear and concise guide for a major electronic health record software company. Written for managers and digital leaders at healthcare organizations to walk them through how to successfully implement powerful interoperability tools and workflows for their patients and clinicians.

Wrote patient-facing articles to explain treatments for burns and depression. Ghostwritten clinical trial information for patients.

My roles:

- Conducted research, created a strategy, and wrote the technical guide.

- Specialized medical copyeditor with cross-disease experience.


 - Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

 - Neurodivergence - What is It?

 - Further portfolio here

Essays and Articles

Writes essays on historical periods and beliefs. Some Literature Review.

Ghostwritten articles have focused on best restaurants, law and insurance topics, as well as weather preparation and pest control.


   - The United States and the Effects of Slavery: Essay

   - The Dynamic Duo: A Study in Opposition: Essay

   - Further portfolio here

Stacked Books

End User Training Materials and Case Studies

Evolved and designed framing for the end-user training materials. The audience was clinicians learning new healthcare software for a major electronic health record software company: framed key takeaways and leveraged principles of adult education.

Worked with major textbook companies to write case studies for nursing administration.


My role: Ordered content, updated with industry latest, created material on how to teach the training materials.


Interviewed and wrote blog post spotlights on artists from The Layered Onion community. Available on The Layered Onion blog. All recent posts are my work.

My role: Developed questions, conducted interviews, wrote blog post, published to the website.


   - Artist Spotlight: Rya Wu

   - Artist Spotlight: Devon McKnight

   - Artwork Spotlight: Carrie Ravenscroft's ADHD Series

   - Arwork Spotlight: Kat Gibbons' Virginia Woolf preparing for her death in the River Ouse

   - Artist Spotlight: Katie Sanford

   - Artwork Spotlight: Julie Kitzes' Panic Cattack


Creative Writing

Poet and author with works in various formats. Trained at the University of Iowa.


   - To Go Out: Fiction Short Story

   - Knot: Poetry

   - Further portfolio here

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