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About Em

Em stands on a bridge over water in a park. Leafless trees are behind her.

I'm a freelance writer and editor living in Madison, WI. I started writing and editing as a youth and honed my skills while earning my Bachelor's Degree in English Language and Literature/Letters from the University of Iowa's top-tier English and creative writing program. I took classes in everything from Poetry and Nonfiction to Creative Writing for the Musician. I was a sought-after editor, providing feedback and edits on fellow writers' work. My own thesis combined my loves of language, history, and Latin America, titled "Tell Me a Story, A Story of Slavery: Confronting the Legacies of Plantation Slavery in Fiction by Toni Morrison, Isabel Allende, and Ana Maria Machado," 2015. I graduated with Honors in English. I've pursued ongoing education and certificates to maximize my skill set.


Currently, I am the editor at The Layered Onion, where we celebrate and promote artists with lived mental and emotional health experience with the goal of reducing the stigma associated with mental health around the world. I'm the editor of The Shallot: Journal of Mental Health, Art, and Literature and I curate content for the blog and publish interviews with artists to spotlight them and their overall works.

I'm a freelance copyeditor with open slots of time upcoming and I am excited to work with new clients. I love learning new things. In my past lives, I have been a stage manager, worked in a call center, made turtles and chocolate-covered strawberries, ran the register at a candy store, educated children at an after-school circus program, and more!


I also work as a project management consultant for clients. I have 7 years of experience working in project management and implementation with a strong proven track record of on-time and on-budget projects, managing complex Electronic Health Record implementations across multi-hospital systems across the United States. I am a big-picture thinker, creative problem solver, and innovator. I've created new processes and established sustainable frameworks that have changed the way a large company does business. Strong public speaker and demoer.

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